Let Apple Show Product Managers How To Sell More Products

Is it possible that Apple might be able to teach you a thing or two about how to find more customers for your product? I can almost hear you saying “Hey Dr. Jim, I’m a product manager who manages a line of ball bearings – they are nothing like the kinds of products that Apple … Read more

What Product Managers Can Learn From Disney’s Product Vault

Have you heard about the Disney product vault? This is the place that they put their products every so often. What this means for their customers is that they had better buy their products now because once they go into the vault you don’t know when they’ll come back out. Is this a technique that … Read more

Here’s What A Monster Truck Event Can Teach Product Managers

Lessons in how to be a better product manager can come from the strangest places – including a Monster Truck event. I’m willing to confess, I dived deep into my redneck past over a recent weekend and took the family to the Monster Truck Jam event that was being held down at the local football … Read more

Product Managers Who Want To Look Good Can Learn From Estee Lauder

As a guy, what I know about women’s make-up can pretty much be written on one side of a file card. With a lot of space left over. However, as a consultant to lots of product managers, I’ve always been very impressed by cosmetics products. They are a simple product that a lot of advertising … Read more

Product Managers Want To Know: Should I Compete Or Create?

In the world of product management, there are a few “classic questions”. We all need to be aware of these questions because they keep coming up over and over again during our careers. One such question has to do with what type of market you should plan on selling your product to: an existing market … Read more

Learn To Read Your Customer’s Mind In 3 Simple Steps

Just shut-up and buy my product! In fact, while you are at it, buy a lot of my product. If only we could really tell our potential customers this then life would be so much simpler. However, try this little verbal outburst just once and then you’ll have a chance to sit back and spend … Read more

Product Manager Why Aren’t You Doing A Better Job Of Managing Your Sales Team?

I don’t care if your product turns lead into gold, if your salespeople don’t go out there and do a good job of selling your product then you won’t be a product manager for long. I’ll agree that you are not running the sales department, in fact you are probably not even part of the … Read more

Diversifying To Survive Is What Product Managers Are Doing

It seems almost like an impossible challenge: find ways to constantly make your product(s) both more popular (more sales) and more profitable (better prices). When confronted with this challenge, it’s all too easy for product managers to shrug, throw up their hands, and then focus instead on rolling out the next product or version of … Read more

Offering Extra Services Can Get Product Managers Through Tough Times

It’s time for some creative product manager thinking. Times are tough, our customers are strapped for cash and yet we’d like to keep sales of our products at least at where they are if not boost them a bit. No matter if your product is a service or a “real” product, there’s something that you … Read more

License vs. Sale: Product Managers Need To Know The Difference

[Note: I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. I am not giving out any legal advice in this posting. Should you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer in your town.] In this crazy mixed-up world that we live in, it’s the words that can often trip us up. For … Read more