Offering Extra Services Can Get Product Managers Through Tough Times

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!It’s time for some creative product manager thinking. Times are tough, our customers are strapped for cash and yet we’d like to keep sales of our products at least at where they are if not boost them a bit. No … Read more

Slimmed Down Products Make Product Managers Look Good

If product managers ran the world, we’d be able to sell our products to everyone at a very high price. However, since we don’t run the world (yet), we need to adjust and adapt in order to sell our products to as many people as possible for as high a price as is possible. However, … Read more

Reminder: Free Training For Product Managers In NYC – ProductCamp NYC

We’ve talked about this before, but since it’s almost here I though it might be a good idea to remind everyone: the free ProductCamp NYC meeting is going to be held (where else?) in NYC this Saturday. I’ve been able to move both heaven and earth and I’m going to be there – drop by … Read more

Cost Of Materials Is A Product Manager’s New Friend

In the current tough economic times we are all feeling the pressure to keep sales of our product either at current levels or to boost them in order to make up for shortfalls in other parts of the company. When  you step back for a moment and realize that our customers, both current and potential, … Read more

New Coke: A Product Manager Campfire Story

In the world of product managers there are a few stories that the old hands talk about when they get together. The product failures, the flubs, and the downright fiascos that have grown into legends that are now only mentioned in hushed tones when a  product manger is trying to kill a product idea that … Read more

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Going Cheap Is Ok For Some Product Managers

Ok, I’ll say it one more time: times are tough all over. If you are a Product Manager who’s product is, how shall I say this nicely, priced on the high side then what are you to do in these troubling times? Sure you can mess around with your product’s pricing and you could even … Read more

Performance Based Pricing – Is It Right For Product Managers In Tough Times?

Not to get too doom and gloom on you or anything, but how is your product doing these days? Sales a bit down? Sales fallen off a cliff? Desperate times call for desperate measures and I’m willing to bet that you are starting to get some pressure from upstairs / sales to start slashing your … Read more

License vs. Sale: Product Managers Need To Know The Difference

[Note: I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. I am not giving out any legal advice in this posting. Should you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer in your town.] In this crazy mixed-up world that we live in, it’s the words that can often trip us up. For … Read more