Free Training For Product Managers In Chicago: ProductCamp Chicago

David Radzialowski, one of the organizers of ProductCamp Chicago reached out to me the other day and said “Hey, if you think that you’re such hot stuff, why don’t you come and speak at the ProductCamp that we’re putting in in Chicago?” I’m always a sucker for taking on a challenge and so I said … Read more

5 Secrets To Product Manger Success At Your Next Trade Show

Image Credit Think back over all of that university training that you (or your parents) paid for. Just for a good measure, throw in all of that training that you’ve sat through since you started working. Wow – that’s a lot of learning. One quick question for you: in all of that classroom / online … Read more

Trade Show Survival Tactics For Product Managers

I can only speak for myself, but I actually enjoy going to industry trade shows. It’s time out of the office, I get to hang out with other people who work in my industry who can feel my pain (whatever it happens to be this year), and I get to see a bunch of friends … Read more

Free Training For Product Managers: ProductCamp Austin

If you are a long-time reader of this blog, you know that I had a chance to attend the free product manager training that was held in downtown New York City. Hopefully, you thought that this was a good idea; however, if missed it or weren’t able to attend, then I’ve got great news for … Read more

Free Product Manager Training: Notes From ProductCamp NYC

I had a chance to attend the very first ProductCamp NYC (held in downtown New York City, of course) on Saturday, July 18, and I had a blast! What is a ProductCamp? ProductCamp is basically an ad-hoc gathering of product managers for a full day of self-directed training. What makes it unique is that there … Read more

Reminder: Free Training For Product Managers In NYC – ProductCamp NYC

We’ve talked about this before, but since it’s almost here I though it might be a good idea to remind everyone: the free ProductCamp NYC meeting is going to be held (where else?) in NYC this Saturday. I’ve been able to move both heaven and earth and I’m going to be there – drop by … Read more

Free Training For Product Managers In NYC: ProductCamp NYC

I was quietly minding my own business the other day when Beth Robinson reached out to me via email and asked me if I’d be willing to help her to get the word out about some upcoming free Product Management training that’s going to be held up in New York City. I’m always a sucker … Read more