Product Managers Struggle To Use Price To Make Their Products Popular

Strategy gets complicated when your customers are using technology to shop

As product managers, when we want to boost the sales of our product, one of the “levers” that we have to make this happen is the price of our product. If everything works out the way that it should, if we lower the price of our product then sales should go up. However, product managers … Read more

Barnes & Noble Product Managers Rediscover Books

The Barnes & Noble product managers realize that they have lost their way

Quick question for you: when was the last time that you were in a Barnes & Noble bookstore? When I tried to answer this question, I had to think about it for awhile. I think that the last time I actually entered one of their stores was around Christmas when I had whittled my list … Read more

Exclusive Webinar: Providing Customers with Exceptional Connected Experiences

HI fellow Product Managers, The modern consumer is more connected than ever before, using multiple devices and interacting with brands through numerous touchpoints. How brands meet the needs of the connected consumer will be the defining factor in whether they stay relevant and deliver a positive customer experience. Join this exclusive webinar: (09:30am PST … Read more

Product Managers Need To Know How To Find Customers In A Dark Room

Just exactly how much do you know about your customers? Sure, we all do some segmentation and stuff like that as a part of our product development definition, but do you really know where your customers are in terms of thinking about buying your product? Are they at the beginning? Are they almost ready to … Read more

How Product Managers Can Accomplish Great Things

There is no question that as a product manager there are a countless number of things that we can spend our time on each and every day as we work to refine and implement our product development definition. However, if we want to accomplish great things for our product, just exactly what should we be … Read more

Product Managers Need To Learn How To Pivot

As a part of your product development definition, one of the things that every product manager eventually does is to create a business plan for their product. In this plan we lay out a strategy: what customers we want to go after, what problems we want to solve, and what product we want to offer … Read more

Are The Blackberry Product Managers Playing Below The RIM?

Come with me while we travel back in time, not far, just 5 years or so. Now that we’re here, take a look around. What do you see? I bet you see just about all of those corporate folks using their Blackberries to make calls and check email. Poof! Now we’re back in current times. … Read more

In A Recession, Product Managers Know Customers Want Value

A recession, like the one that we’re living though right now, changes everything. Product mangers who had everything set up and working just right have been surprised to discover that all of a sudden customers are canceling orders and have stopped placing new orders. What’s a product manger to do? Martin Roth and Richard Ettenson … Read more

How To Make The Best Product Management Decisions

Warren Bennis is a smart guy (professor of business administration and chairman of the leadership Institute at the University of Southern California). He’s cranked out a book called Judgment: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls and it has a few ideas that really relate to how IT Product Managers can make better decisions. It turns … Read more