Is Your Marketing Message Missing The Point?

If you were going fishing, how much luck catching fish do you think that you would have if you didn’t use any bait on your hook? Sure, there are probably some either dumb or near-sighted fish that might still bite, but you’re going to be doing a lot of sitting around waiting. Is it possible … Read more

Sexy Advertising: How To Get Your Product Noticed

Just how many ads for products do you get hit with each day? 10? 100? 500? No matter what the number is, the end result is the same – you shut down. Something in your brain switches off and you stop “seeing” ads because you are in overload. This is bad news for a product … Read more

Twitter Tools For Product Managers

Sigh, ok – I guess that it’s time that I finally get around to talking about the Internet fad-du-jour: Twitter. The Internet is all abuzz about just what the heck Twitter is (a micro-blogging service), who should be using it (apparently everyone), and just how product mangers should get the most out of it (a … Read more

Internet Product Promotion – 4 Secrets For Product Managers

So there you stand: somehow you’ve managed to convince the powers that be that your product needs to have its very own web site (or an upgrade to the one that it already has) in order to attract the masses of customers who would be buying it today if only they knew that it existed. … Read more

Product Promotion Using The Web: Tricks For Product Managers

The promise of the Internet in it’s early days was that it was “always on“. This meant that as you worked on other things (and slept), your product’s web site was always out there selling, selling, selling your product to whomever happened to be looking at it. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Why Isn’t Your Web … Read more

How Product Managers Can Make Their Web Site Work For Their Product

Who doesn’t love the Internet? I mean you’re reading this blog posting on the Internet so YOU spend time here – doesn’t the rest of the world do the same thing? Sure there are lots of things that you can do to promote your product just by using web-based social networking tools, but what about … Read more

What Product Managers Can Learn From The Tropicana Mistake

In the world of product mangers, there are some events that are only spoken about in hushed tones. Examples of product manager decisions that, when seen in the rear view mirror of time, just seem so very, very wrong that you wonder why the decision was ever made. Up until now the poster product for … Read more

When Times Are Bad – Product Managers Get Noticed!

The economy dips even farther down each and every day if you are to believe what you read on the front page of just about every paper lately. Product Mangers are finding themselves in tighter and tighter situations – what can we do in these tough times to make our products successful. Would you believe … Read more

Web 2.0 Rules: Sell, Sell, Sell (Or Not)!

Come on, ‘fess up -  you have just a little bit of a salesperson living inside of you. On those occasions that you get in front of a customer, you can hardly help yourself from launching into a “sales mode” and trying to convince the customer that they need your product. Now that the Web … Read more