What Can Product Managers Learn From How The iPhone Was Born?

If you are like most product managers, you look at the iPhone and wish that it was the product that you were managing. I mean, how cool would that be? Who wouldn’t want to be in charge of a product that has sold over 470M copies? One of the things that we often overlook is … Read more

The Secret To Creating A Customer-Facing Product Roadmap

I like having customers. You like having customers. In fact, once we get a customer we sure would like to hang on to them. The problem is that our customers always want our products to do more, more, more for them. What this means is that we always need to be adding new features and … Read more

How To Create A Product Timeline That Works

Ah, product timelines. This is arguably one of the most visible and one of the most difficult things that a product manager is called on to create in order to communicate your product development definition. It turns out that creating a timeline is not really all that hard to do. However, creating a timeline that … Read more

Why Product Managers Need Checklists In Order To Be Successful

Let’s face it, being a product manager means that there are a lot of different things that you are responsible for accomplishing. Many of these things are very small details, a few are medium sized tasks, and just a couple may be very large. However, if you “drop the ball” on any of the things … Read more

How Should A Product Manager Handle Product Team Conflicts?

I’m currently in charge of a team of skilled product development professionals who spend their time helping me to refine my product development definition. They each have their own set of skills that they bring to my product and I need each of them to be operating at peak efficiency if I want to have … Read more

How Product Managers Can Manage The Age Gap On Their Product Teams

Product managers often don’t manage any direct reports. However, in order to have a successful product, we always seem to find ourselves in charge of a sort of “virtual team” of people who are sprinkled throughout the company. It turns out that in order for our product to be a success, we need to do … Read more

Product Managers Need To Know What Their Company’s Cost Of Capital Is

You’ve just been put in charge of managing the best product ever. Based on the product development definition, you know that this product is going to be a run-away success: it solves a critical problem that a lot of customers are currently facing. There’s just one problem: either the product does not yet exist or … Read more

What Every Product Manager Needs To Know About The Hadoop Database Solution

Just in case you’ve been living with your head underneath a rock, the world appears to have gone “big data” crazy lately. Your customers, your company, and probably your competition have all started to talk about the problem of big data and just exactly what can be done about it. Somehow you are going to … Read more

Why Product Managers Need To Not Follow Their Development Plans

If you got a chance to sit down with another product manager and share with them what you thought that they would have to do in order to be successful, what would you tell them? I’m thinking that a lot of us would tell them that they needed to make sure that once they came … Read more

Product Management Mistake: Keeping Busy Is How Things Get Done

Why is it so hard to create new products both on time and under budget? Your management ignores the product development definition process and is always pushing you to get it done while at the same time they never seem to give you enough resources to make it happen. When they push, what do you … Read more