How Product Managers Can Manage The Age Gap On Their Product Teams

Product managers often don’t manage any direct reports. However, in order to have a successful product, we always seem to find ourselves in charge of a sort of “virtual team” of people who are sprinkled throughout the company. It turns out that in order for our product to be a success, we need to do … Read more

What Google Can Teach Product Managers About Finding Inner Peace

Image Credit So product manager, what is your life like these days? Are you dealing with long hours at work, demanding bosses and customers? Internal departments who don’t want to talk to you let alone do what you need them to do? An ever changing product development definition? I guess the concept of finding inner … Read more

How To Keep Your Product Manager Job In A Recession

If you are a product manger at one of the big 3 car makers or even if you work for Motorola, times cannot be good for you right now. The rest of us are also looking over our shoulders trying to figure out if our jobs might be on the chopping block next. Every Product … Read more

How To Jump-Start A Stalled Product Manager

Ugh! It’s the 4th quarter, the financial world seems to be going to hell-in-a-hand-basket, a global recession appears to either be here or be looming, Microsoft’s Vista is still a dog, and all of those political TV commercials have now officially become annoying. Being a product manager is a tough job on the best of … Read more