When Product Managers Fall Down: What’s Happened To Lexus?

Of the past 20 years or so, one of the best product management jobs to have in the United States had to be a product manager who was responsible for one of Toyota’s Lexus’ brand’s cars. These cars have been selling very well for a long time and have been very respected in the marketplace. … Read more

Product Managers Need To Find A Way To Slim Down – Their Products!

Is it possible that you are managing too many products? Sure, as product managers we actually like it when we have multiple products to manage. Sure, we’ll complain to everyone, but deep down inside we really like the assurance of having multiple products belong to us because then we’re confidant that at least one of … Read more

4 Ways To Lock-Down Your Product’s Pricing

You would think that simply by setting the price of your product and then telling the world about it would wrap up that part of being a Product Manager, right? Well guess what, in this era of the Internet everything having to do with product pricing has become more complicated. What you need is a … Read more

Product Managers Know That Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Bad

What would it take to get your customers to buy more of your product? Maybe if you offered them more choices – you know, more colors, more sizes, more brands, more flavors, etc. If they liked the new versions that you offered them, then maybe you could offer them still more versions of your product. … Read more

Hate Too Many Choices? What Product Managers Need To Learn From The Toothpaste Problem…

I’ve got a quick quiz for you: how many different types of toothpastes are being sold right now? According to survey company Spire LLC which tracks the shopping data for more than 30 million U.S. households, we are currently faced with 352 distinct types of sizes of toothpaste. The good news is that this number … Read more

Fire Sale – What Happened To Cisco’s Flip Camera?

Dang it! This was supposed to be a story about a product success, not a product failure. Pure Digital created the low-end highly portable video camera market a few years back and then got bought out for a half a billion U.S. dollars by the networking giant Cisco. Cisco is stuffed with smart, bright product … Read more

4 Ways Product Managers Can Prevent The Internet From Killing Your Product’s Price

That there Internet is a powerful tool in the hands of your potential customers. You probably vary the price of your product over time – lowering it when you want to boost sales or when you have a new version that you are getting ready to introduce. Well guess what, your customers have figured out … Read more

Product Managers Know That Pricing Is All About The Presentation

How to correctly price a product has always been a bit of a black art for most product managers. The goal is to not price a product so high that nobody is willing to buy it, while at the same time not pricing it so low that you end up leaving money on the table. … Read more

Product Managers Want To Know: What Happened To The Microsoft Kin Phones?

Gone in 48 days. Ouch – that’s got to be some sort of record. As product managers we try to do all of the right things when we’re handed the responsibility of birthing a new product: determine what our customer’s needs are, understand the competition, calculate costs and price points, and create clever tag lines … Read more