New Book: Communication Skills For Product Managers: The Communication Skills That Product Managers Need To Know How To Use In Order To Have A Successful Product

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Do product managers have super powers? Probably not, but there are some product managers who seem to be more successful than others. These “super” product managers seem to be able to make things happen almost effortlessly. What’s their secret?   … Read more

Product Managers Need To Learn To Think Globally

Quick question for you product manager: does your product development definition consider your product to be a global product? Even if you said “no”, I’d be willing to bet that if a big enough order showed up on your doorstep from some country that you had never heard of, you’d still try to find a … Read more

Why Product Managers Should Move Slowly

Just exactly what a product manager does during the average day can vary from product manager to product manager. However, there is one thing that all of us do each and every day: make decisions. Sometimes we make good decisions, sometimes not so good decisions. As product managers we’d all like to find a way … Read more

New Book: How To Have A Successful Product Manager Career: The Things That You Need To Be Doing TODAY In Order To Have A Successful Product Manager Career

This book has been written with one goal in mind – to show you how you can make your product management career a success. It’s not easy being a product manager so we’re going to show you what you need to be doing in order to make you stand out and be successful! Let’s Make … Read more

New Book: Product Manager Product Success: How to keep your product on track and make it become a success

Dr. Jim Anderson explores what product managers have to do in order to make their products a success. Dr. Anderson uses real-world examples from Microsoft, Dell, and Toyota to show product managers both what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to capturing your customer’s imagination (and their wallets). Product managers can get caught … Read more

The Product Selection Process Home Study Course is CLOSED!

Just wanted to let everyone know that enrollment in the Accidental Product Manager’s Product Selection Process (PSP) home study course is now officially closed! I had promised everyone that I would only sell 350 copies of this course and we reached that mark quicker than I could have ever expected. Thank you very much to … Read more

Why Breaking Things Up Is How Product Managers Have To Communicate

One of the toughest jobs that any product manager has is to do is to communicate with a wide range of different people. When we have a new idea, a new strategy, a change to our product development definition, or a new product feature that we’d like to implement, sometimes getting what we want to … Read more

5 Secrets To An Effective Pricing Strategy For Product Managers

Pricing really should not be all that hard to do, right? Pricing is just another part of your product development definition. Find out what your customer is willing to pay, design a product to be sold at that price that will give you a 25% profit margin, and poof you should be all good to … Read more

Product Managers: Can An Old Brand Help Your New Brand?

Just imagine the problem that a product manager who has a brand new product is facing as he or she creates their product development definition: nobody knows anything about their product. They’ve never even heard of it. If only there was some way to “jump start” the product’s marketing program. Oh wait, there is – … Read more

New Product Manager Book Now Available: How To Have A Successful Product Manager Career

  Good news: my latest book for product managers has just been published! You can order your copy by clicking here.   This book has been written with one goal in mind – to show you how you can make your product management career a success. It’s not easy being a product manager so we’re … Read more