What A Video Rental Store Can Teach Product Managers

Not to date myself or anything, but can anyone else remember going to the video store on a Friday or Saturday night? I’d wander the aisles and take a look at every movie on the “just released” rack in order to decide which one or two videos I was going to rent. Netflix and the … Read more

Is Being Yellow The Worst Product Management Job In The World – Or Not?

When I was first out living on my own, the arrival of the latest copy of the yellow (and white) pages was a big deal. Since my parents had always received these huge volumes, when I got mine I felt that somehow I was now a “grown up”. Fast forward to the 21st Century and … Read more

Case Study: What To Do When A Large Competitor Shows Up On Your Block

Who Doesn’t Like A Little Competition? There’s not a product manager out there who doesn’t dream of the day in which their product is the only show in town. Man – wouldn’t that be great? You wouldn’t have to worry about any real competition, you’d just be spending your time working to grow the market. … Read more

Is Dancing With Yourself Wrong For Product Mangers To Do?

What’s a product manger to do when your #1 competitor is your own product? What can you do if you spend a lot of time and money developing a new version of your product and then roll it out and the customers that you want to sell it to appear to be happy using the … Read more

PayPal Product Managers Try To Win A Popularity Contest

You would think that if your product was the biggest one in it’s market, you’d be sitting pretty as a product manager, right? Sure, this might be an easy trap to fall into; however, if you start to take it easy once you are the king of the hill, then that’s when your competition shows … Read more

How Yahoo Product Managers Are Kicking Google’s Butt

If you had the choice of being a product manager at either Yahoo or Google, which company would you choose? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of us would choose to work at Google. The press is filled with glowing stories about how great everything that Google touches is. … Read more