How Product Managers Can Maximize Marketing

In order to have a successful product, you need to convince people to buy your product in the first place. We like to call this marketing. The problem is that lots of money can be spent on marketing with no real apparent return on the investment. Let’s take a look at what product managers should … Read more

Product Manager Marketing Mistakes

Where did you learn your marketing skills? At school? On the job? Never learned it? I’ve got some bad news for you: a lot of what you know may no longer be correct. A lot of what serves as conventional wisdom in the world of marketing is based on the way that things used to … Read more

Are Executive MBAs Valuable To Product Mangers?

As the world’s economy continues to shudder, everyone is scrambling to find ways to make themselves more valuable to both their current employer as well as to their next employer (if needed). For a long time, getting an MBA has been an option that many product managers have considered. The big drawback has always been … Read more

Are Angry Customers A Product Manger’s Best Friend?

In the world of a product manager, we spend our time worrying about defining, creating, and selling a product. All too often we view our job as being done once a customer has purchased our product – the next time we deal with them will be to get new requirements or to have them buy … Read more

Product Manger Are You A “Data Dummy” Or A “Knowledge Master”?

Data, data, who’s got the data? Thanks to our luck of being product managers in the 21st Century we are privileged to have access to quantities of data about our product and our customers that product managers of old could only dream about. However, is this really a good thing? Dr. Peter Fader is a … Read more

Product Mangers Can Learn From The Past: The Story Of The Vasa

Oh man , do I have a story for you. How many times have we been in charge of a product when “higher powers” have come along with suggestions on how to make the product better? Or perhaps they suggest features that the product just must have before it goes out the door? These types … Read more

Product Manger Tips: How To Use Subliminal Advertising

Gosh – doesn’t the whole concept of subliminal advertising just sound naughty to you? I mean, I’ve always sorts lumped this type of advertising together with hypnotism and sorta figured that they were slightly immoral. You know, it can’t be right to get people to do things that they wouldn’t do otherwise, right? Let’s assume … Read more

What Product Managers Can Learn From A $100,000 Mistake

As product managers we are generally quite proud of our products. We do our best to work with potential customers and collect requirements. We ride herd over our developers to make sure that a good product is developed and that it rolls out smoothly. What happens if there is then a flaw in how the … Read more

The Story Of The Mustang: A Fable For Product Mangers

Hopefully we all know about the Ford Mustang. This is the sports car that just about every male (and quite a few females) lust after in the heart at just about the same time that they are getting their driver’s license for the first time. It has been around in various forms since the 1960’s … Read more

Product Manager Secrets For Dealing With Email

So here we stand together at the start of a new year filled with hopes and dreams that this year will be better than last. Now if we could just do something about that email problem that we’ve all been dealing with… I don’t know about you, but depending on what part of the product … Read more