Product Manager Secrets For Really Connecting With Your Customers

As product managers, after we create our product development definition our goal is to get as many customers as we possibly can for our product. However, after we’ve gotten some customers, what then? This is one of the things that they never taught us in product manager school: what to […]

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What A High-End Boutique Can Teach A Product Manager About Marketing

So there you are, a happy product manager creating and delivering products that meet your customer’s needs. All of a sudden (but you should have seen it coming) a big box competitor with tons of selection and low, low prices shows up in your backyard. Oh, oh – what’s a […]

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In A Recession, Product Managers Know Customers Want Value

A recession, like the one that we’re living though right now, changes everything. Product mangers who had everything set up and working just right have been surprised to discover that all of a sudden customers are canceling orders and have stopped placing new orders. What’s a product manger to do? […]

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