Why Can’t Amazon Sell Luxury Products?

Amazon can't break into the fashion industry because they don't have high end products

As we all know, Amazon sells a lot of different things. However, there is one area where they are distinctly lacking in products to sell: luxury goods. It’s not as though the Amazon product managers have not held discussions with the Swatch, Gucci, LVMH Louis Vuitton, and other luxury vendors. […]

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Just Exactly How Do You Go About Selling A US$200 Sports Shoe?

Does anyone remember the shoe company Adidas? Back in the day, they were hot stuff. However, in the world of highly competitive sports shoes, their product development definition and the company just faded away over time. However, they didn’t go away and they are in the process of trying to […]

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Verizon Product Managers Show The Dangers Of Trying To Be Too Cool

Just in case you didn’t hear about it, Verizon is rolling out a new wireless service that they are calling “go90”. The name comes from the product development definition that says that users will now start rotating their phones 90 degrees in order to watch videos on the go90 service. […]

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