Grocery Product Managers Start To Think Small

Product managers start to bet on smaller grocery warehouses

Grocery product managers are starting to face a real problem. More and more of their business is starting to be driven by customers going online and ordering food and then expecting it to show up at their door. What this means for these product managers is that the old way of doing business, building more … Read more

The Challenge Of Being A Grocery Store Product Manager

Product managers need to find ways to attract customers who avoid stores

Everyone has to go out and buy groceries, right? Well, it turns out that at one time that would have been a correct statement; however, these days things have changed and now customers have many choices on how they can get the groceries that they need. This change has hit grocery store product managers very … Read more

Restaurant Product Managers Discover Too Much Of A Good Thing

Product managers need to be aware of the impact of changes to their product

As product managers, the one thing that we’d all like to have is more customers. We dream of the day that we’ve created a product development definition that will cause our customers think about our product and then as quickly as they can take action to get their hands on it. These hopes and dreams … Read more