Mall Product Managers Discover The Value Of Gyms

Gyms can make malls a go-to destination
Gyms can make malls a go-to destination
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If you’d like to sign up for a challenging product manager job, then perhaps you’d like to look into what it would take to become the product manager for a mall. Back in the day, malls where where everyone in town would go to do their shopping. They had movie theaters, food courts, and, of course, plenty of parking. However, times have changed. Now people do more shopping online and we don’t seem to be heading out to the mall nearly as often as we used to. Clearly it is time for mall product managers to update their product development definition. What’s a mall product manager to do in order to keep their product alive?

Malls Say Hello To The Gym

In the beginning, whenever that was, malls didn’t much like gyms. Malls viewed gyms as attracting low-rent people who were very unlikely to go shopping after they got done working out. However, with the loss of their anchor customers and a generally pulling back by many of the other firms that are traditional mall residents, mall product managers are starting to have to get creative in how they fill their mall spaces. Mall product managers are now willing to give gyms some of their most valuable real estate.

The reason for the mall product manager’s change of heart comes from two different sources. The first is that many of them are dealing with a large number of empty stores as the retailers who traditionally occupied the malls have closed hundreds of their store locations across the country. The reason for these closures are many, but the growth in online shopping has certainly played a role. The result of this is that fewer people have been going to the malls and mall product owners now have more vacancies on their hands. While all of this has been going on, fitness centers have been changing. They have grown in number and they have started to diversity. A new type of gym has also shown up. These are smaller boutique gyms that tend to draw higher end customers. These types of gyms are more attractive customers for mall product managers and they are also easier to accommodate.

The result of all of this is that more and more health clubs are moving into malls. When this happens, the gyms transform the mall into a local hub of working, living, and playing. In the past, when mall product managers offered their best locations to retail stores, those same retails stores prevented mall product managers from having anything but retail shopping in the mall. However, as the major retail stores start to take a step backwards, a new opportunity to reinvent what a mall is has arrived. For mall product managers who handle this correctly, they will have something to add to their product manager resume.

What’s Next For Gyms In Malls

Product managers are aware of this new movement. One of the largest owners of malls has announced plans to incorporate gyms into half of its 115 malls over the next decade. Another mall owner currently has gyms in 44% of its grocery store anchored malls. Originally, other retail stores in the mall viewed people who went to the gym as being teenager weightlifters who would be more likely to hang out at the curb than shop in the stores in the mall. The makeup of a mall is starting to change. Many of the new stores at a mall are gyms and specialty fitness stores. Where things get interesting is when you take a look at the size of these stores – most of them are no larger than your typical Starbucks coffee shop. Some malls are replacing their anchor tenets with large scale gyms that can measure up to 180,000 square feet.

Mall product manager need to realize that running a gym comes with its own set of risks. The arrival of streaming fitness services that customers can use remotely are on the rise – these mean that customers no longer have to come to the gym. Studies have shown that the growth of gyms is outpacing their growth in membership. Midprice gyms are starting to find that they are struggling to compete with the boutique gyms and bargain gyms. However, at the same time the fitness sector is booming. Currently, over 57M people belong to some sort of gym. This works out to be roughly 19.3% of the U.S. population. Memberships in gyms have gone up by 26% since 2009.

Mall product managers know that they need to make changes in order to boost foot traffic in their malls. Mall product managers are trying to reinvent their malls as centers of entertainment for the local community. This has been a challenge as more and more apparel sales have been moving online. In order to change things up, product managers are in the process of adding attractions to their malls such as ice skating rinks, restaurants, pools, and other things in order to get more people to come out and visit the mall more often. Additionally, it is starting to look like the people who go to gyms are the people that mall product managers want to visit their malls. More than 40% of gym members reported an annual income in excess of US$100,000. This is better than the 26% of the general population who can claim the same thing. Customers buy things at gyms. Customer spending at the gym climbed by 3.7% last year while spending on apparel only climbed by 0.5%. Clearly the time has come for gyms to be added to malls in order to boost both traffic and sales.

What All Of This Means For You

Product managers who are responsible for malls have a real challenge on their hands. Malls used to serve a center point for towns where everyone would go to do their shopping. With the arrival of online shopping, the number of people going to malls has significantly decreased. Mall product managers have a responsibility to look at their product manager job description and get creative to find new ways to get people to once again come out to the mall.

Not all that long ago, malls were places where you could find retail stores and that was it. As economic times have changed and retail stores have started to close stores, malls are now starting to think about inviting gyms to move into the mall. Mall product managers are more willing to allow gyms to come to the mall because they now have a great deal of open space. Additionally, a new type of specialty gym has arrived that takes up less space. As gyms move into malls, they are reinventing what a mall is and starting to attract more people to the mall. More and more malls are starting to include gyms. The smaller footprint of the specialty gyms allows them to fit into a space roughly the size of a Starbucks. Although gyms may make a great addition to a mall, mall product managers need to realize that running a successful gym can be a challenge. There may be too many gyms or not enough people may sign up to keep one in business. Mall product managers realize that they have to make changes to their malls to once again make them places that people want to go to. Gyms have the ability to attract the kinds of customers that mall product managers want to fill their malls with.

With the economic downturn and the arrival of online shopping, things were looking rather bad for mall product managers. They had too many empty stores and not enough tenets to fill them with. However, it is starting to look like adding a gym to a mall may be what it takes to get people to start to once again come back out to the mall. Once they are there, they will visit the mall’s stores and start to shop. Mall product managers may have finally found the way to get a workout for their product that will pay off in the end.

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Question For You: Do you think that a single mall could handle having more than one gym located in it?

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