AccPM Poll Results: Who gets more respect where you work Product Managers or Project Managers?

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The question this past week was “Who gets more respect where you work Product Managers or Project Managers?

It was a light week and in the end, it ended up being a dead heat. However, there’s something to be learned here: this clearly is not a hot topic. I must confess to being just a little surprised by this.

As a working product manager,  I can confess to always having been just a bit jealous of my project management brothers and sisters. They seem to have their act together just a bit more than we do. The “Project Management Professional” (PMP) certification seems to carry some weight and we have nothing similar.

Additionaly, everyone seems to know and understand just exactly what a project manager does. The same can’t be said for the profession of product manager!

This week’s poll question: “Do You Know Who Your Product’s Competition Is?” It should be a simple question, but these things never are…

Visit the blog, vote, and we’ll talk about the results next week!

P.S.: New Feature: I’ve come up with some real stinker poll questions lately and so I now know that I need your help! Drop by The Accidental Product Manager forum and suggest a question for next week. You just might become famous…!

– Dr. Jim Anderson

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