AccPM Poll Results: For your product, who gets to deal with angry customers?

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The question this past week was “For your product, who gets to deal with angry customers?”

I suspect that there won’t be too much surprise to learn that the Customer Service team is on the front line when it comes to dealing with angry customers. However, the Sales and Product Management teams were in a strong second and third place.

In fact, when taken together, Sales and Product Management are dealing with almost as many angry customers as Customer Service is. Was that ever part of your job description?

This time around we’re going to focus on a product manger’s favorite way of communicating: “Do people read and take actions based on your emails?” Goodness knows we send enough of these things, but are they actually working for you?

Visit the blog, vote, and we’ll talk about the results next week!

P.S.: New Feature: I’ve come up with some real stinker poll questions lately and so I now know that I need your help! Drop by The Accidental Product Manager forum and suggest a question for next week. You just might become famous…!

– Dr. Jim Anderson

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