AccPM Poll Results: Do You Know Who Your Product’s Competition Is?

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The question this past week was “Do You Know Who Your Product’s Competition Is?

The results were right in line with my view of the world — we all pretty much think that we know who our competition is, but we have this little voice inside our head that keeps telling us that maybe we don’t .

If we were all sitting around in a room talking, a good follow-up question would have been to find out just how everyone learned who their competition was? In my case, more often than not I was told by either the previous product manager or by sales. Both are good sources, but neither is error free!

This week’s poll question: “Are you going to push to sell more of your product this year, or are you focusing on 2010?” Just how close is that end of the year thing…?

Visit the blog, vote, and we’ll talk about the results next week!

P.S.: New Feature: I’ve come up with some real stinker poll questions lately and so I now know that I need your help! Drop by The Accidental Product Manager forum and suggest a question for next week. You just might become famous…!

– Dr. Jim Anderson

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