AccPM Poll Results: Do people read and take actions based on your emails?

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The question this past week was “Do people read and take actions based on your emails?

The take-away from your responses to this week’s question is two-fold: first, people are reading your emails (that’s the good part), secondly it sure looks like it’s a mixed bag as to your emails having the impact that you are looking for.

The sad thing here is that if your emails are not causing the actions that you want / need to have happen, it sure looks like you’re going to have to follow-up in other ways in order to make sure that things get done. Who’s got the time for that?

It took me a long time, but my emails get results. It turns out that the secret to getting people to take action lies in how you write the email. It’s tricky — there’s not a single “silver bullet” that you can use, but rather a whole handful of techniques that together can turn your emails into a powerful tool.

If you are interested in having me spill my guts on how you can make your emails work for you, leave me a comment to this post saying that you want to know more and I’ll put something together.

This week’s poll question: “Who gets more respect where you work Product Managers or Project Managers?” People seem to get the titles confused all the time, do they also forget to give us the respect that we deserve?

Visit the blog, vote, and we’ll talk about the results next week!

P.S.: New Feature: I’ve come up with some real stinker poll questions lately and so I now know that I need your help! Drop by The Accidental Product Manager forum and suggest a question for next week. You just might become famous…!

– Dr. Jim Anderson

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