Are You Cut Out To Be A Product Manger?


There Are 5 Skills That You Need To Be A Product Manager
There Are 5 Skills That You Need To Be A Product Manager

Jeff Vance over at Sandstorm Media talked with me to get some inputs for an article that he was writing for the Project Manager Planet site. Yeah, yeah – I know that we’re Product Mangers not Project Managers. However, Jeff did a very good job of capturing a lot of what makes our job so hard to do.

Check out his article which is called 5 Signs You’re Not Cut Out to be a Project Manager. Give it a read and every time you see “Project Manager” just mentally replace it with “Product Manger” and it’ll work out for you.

Jeff has included the classic story of Charles Pellerin, NASA’s director of Astrophysics for the Hubble space telescope program which should serve as a good reminder for all product managers that you should never give up on your product…

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What We’ll Be Talking About Next Time

So I can only speak for myself, but back in the day I used to be quite good at video games – you know, the big stand alone game units that you could only find in arcades. Which brings up an interesting point, wouldn’t be be great to be a product manger at a video game company?