The Product Selection Process Course Sneak Preview Is Now Available!

The Secret Is Out About The PSP Course…!
The Secret Is Out About The PSP Course…!

I have just loaded a Sneak Preview of my new Product Selection Process course.You can take a look at the preview right now at this link:

I have already been getting lots and lots of questions and comments about the Product Selection Process (PSP)course. In the next few days I will be sending more information to answer these questions. The top three questions / concerns are:


QUESTION: With the size of the course, will you need a PhD and six months to understand it?
SHORT ANSWER: No! Be sure to check out the sneak preview.

QUESTION: I shouldn’t publish this course because then the product management techniques will stop working.
SHORT ANSWER: I don’t think that this will happen, but just in case – I’m are going to limit the number of the courses that I sell.

QUESTION: How much does it cost?
SHORT ANSWER: It is going to sell for US$1000 eventually, but there will be a HUGE discount when we initially start accepting orders.


Of course the “short answers” above are just that – short answers. I will be filling you in on all of these questions / concerns as we get closer to the launch date.

Take a look and sign up to get more information!


– Dr. Jim Anderson







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