The Answer To Your Biggest Product Management Question Is…

Your Product Management Questions Will Now Be Answered
Your Product Management Questions Will Now Be Answered

47. Well, maybe that’s the answer to someone else’s biggest question, but the only reason that I don’t have an answer to yours is because you haven’t asked it yet. Why not? I can only answer for myself, but one of the biggest challenges that I’ve always had as a product manager is finding other product managers that I can ask my questions to. Good news, I think that I’ve found a solution to my problem that you can use also…

The Big Solution

Look, this product manager job is a tricky beast: you’ve got to master marketing, sales, product development, finance, and internal corporate politics. There is no way that any one of us can be a master of all things. It’s time for you to get some help.

Introducing The Accidental Product Manager Forum! Starting today we’re opening a new forum just for you to use (click here to visit). If you come to the blog, there is a tab that will take you to the Forum at the top of the page (it says “The Forum“, simple eh?).

Why A Product Manager Forum? Why Now?

Simple – a lot of product managers that I’ve been talking to have had really good questions that I couldn’t always answer. Shucks, I’ve got questions that I want answers to. The Forum is designed to be a place where you (and I) can pretty much ask anything that you want about how to do the craft of product management. Ask away – no question is too big or too small.

You’ve got my word that your question will be answered – hopefully by some really smart product manager, or at the very least by me.

How Does All Of This Work?

You’ve got to register to use the thing, but everybody gets in – there is no exclusivity here. Once you’re in, we’re starting with two areas to ask questions in:

  • Product Manager Skills
  • Product manager Careers

I’m sure that we’ll add more areas over time, but this should start us off. Once we get some activity going, I’m planning on appointing a few active members as moderators and we should be off and running.

Your Next Step…

Take a look at the forum, sign up by hitting the register button in the upper right corner (or clicking here). Then you’ll be ready to ask your most pressing product management question. Give a try and know that from today going forward, you will never again be alone in your quest to become a better product manager…!

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What We’ll Be Talking About Next Time

Newer, faster, shinier – these are all things that every product manager wants their product to be. Our hearts are filled with product lust when we see other products, in our space or not, that have the latest & greatest bells and whistles. Oh if only our product could have that cool new technology also. Hang on a minute, it turns out that our products might actually be more successful if they don’t have that cool new technology…