New! AccPm Weekly Poll – Make Your Voice Heard!

Photo CreditThe Accidental Product Manager Weekly Poll Is Now Open!
The Accidental Product Manager Weekly Poll Is Now Open!

You’ve got opinions, lots of ’em, but nobody at work (or at home) really cares to hear what you think about product management. Well good news, that all changes as of today: announcing the brand new The Accidental Product Manager weekly poll.

Unlike those annoying old ladies who come up to you in the mall with the clipboard full of prying personal questions about why you don’t shop there more often and what you think about the food court, this poll is the ultimate in simplicity: one question, multiple answers allowed (this week).

You RSS / email readers will have to drop by the blog (click here to visit) and you’ll see the poll tucked off in the upper right corner. There will be a new question each week – don’t be shy, make your voice heard.

You’ve got until Friday, then the poll’s done and I’ll publish the final results.

P.S: for those of you who are as geeky as I am, the polling tool that I’m using has a very cool feature that allows you to click on the “View Results” link just below the “Vote” button and you can check to see how the voting is going during the week. That is, if you care…

P.P.S.: If you could ask The Accidental Product Manager community (some 600+ strong right now) any question, what would it be? Send your questions to me via email and, if I like them, I’ll use ’em.