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The very first The Accidental Product Manger reader poll is now closed, the results are in, and the winners have been tallied.

The question that had been asked was what is your #1 priority as a product manger right now. I must confess that I thought that I knew what the answer was going to be – holding on to your job. Turns out that I was wrong…

It turns out that more of you are focused on doing exactly what a product manger is supposed to do – making your product more successful. Sure there is concern about keeping your job (it came in at #2), but it was closely followed by launching a new product. Perhaps the economy really is starting to pick up…?!

Thanks to all of you who participated this time around. This week’s new poll is now up and open – drop by and make your voice heard.

This week’s AccPM poll question:
How Did You Learn To Be A Product Manager?

– Dr. Jim Anderson



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