AccPM Poll Results: What Industry Do You Work In?

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The question this past week was “What industry is your product designed for?

Although we had a low take rate this time out, it’s not so much surprising what industries won (healthcare and “other”), but perhaps more interesting that some industries that I though would do well didn’t.

The one that really caught my eye was finance — we had no takers there. Hmm, it could be the low take rate, the type of product managers who read The Accidental Product Manger blog, or perhaps the finance industry doesn’t have product managers?

For those of you out there looking for work, this just might indicate that as the finance industry crawls back from the edge of oblivion, they may need to find themselves a product manager or two. Something to think about…

Thanks to all who participated!

This week we’re going to see if we if the Fed is right and we’re starting to come out of this global recession thing:

“Have your customers started buying again?”

Visit the blog, vote, and we’ll talk about the results next week!

– Dr. Jim Anderson

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